The Phoenix Multisport GPS Watch lets you add maps, music, smart pace planning and more to your workouts - so you can tackle any challenge quickly.


Get to know your body better with Wrist-Based Heart Rate & Pulse Ox2.

Don't run too hard. Play the adjusted velocity guidelines on the score for best results.

Ski lovers, discover the preloaded maps of more than 2,000 resorts.

Keep track of everything you do, that's what the watch does.

Why bring your phone when you can sync music from your streaming services.

Battery life is up to 9 days in smartwatch mode.


The durable and sophisticated design features a large 1.3 inch screen. Tested to US Military Standards for heat, shock, and water resistance.

luxury materials

Match the look to your lifestyle with your choice of stainless steel or DLC-coated bezels. Each sapphire version adds a scratch-resistant lens and premium sapphire materials

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